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Australia's Top Luxury Brands

This annual survey will create the benchmark ranking of Australia’s top luxury brands, across a wide range of consumer retail sectors.

Using our proprietary DESIRE™ Index, we rank brands against their competitors and provide benchmark scores across the luxury sector on a range of measures, including:

  • Brand image perception (prestige, exclusivity etc..)
  • Brand awareness (incl. Australian vs. global luxury brands)
  • Advertising effectiveness
  • Customer experience

This consumer survey also provides detailed usage and attitude insights such as:

  • Annual spending ($) on luxury goods
  • Luxury consumer confidence forecast
  • Drivers of choice and brand preference
  • Satisfaction and Loyalty measures
  • Purchase trends in the luxury goods sector
  • Affluent consumer media consumption habits
  • Influence of media channels on awareness and pur

If you want to know where your luxury brand is ranking with the Australian luxury consumer then contact us to find out more about the detail, timing and costs of this study.